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IDC Tech Bites Ep. 4 - Lightboard

What is the Lightboard?

IDC Tech Bites, Ep.3 - New Quizzes New Question Types

This video shares the four new question types available in New Quizzes: Categorization, Ordering, Hotspot, and Stimulus.

IDC Tech Bites, Ep.2 - Gathering Student Responses

Gathering student responses with Plickers.

IDC Tech Bites, Ep. 1 - Capturing the Whiteboard

In this episode we look at a tool to capture the whiteboard.

Announcement: ID Corner - Tech Bites

Announcing ID Corner Tech Bites. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing brief 10-minute session demonstrating a tool and taking Q&A. These will be recorded and post...

IDC04 - Project-based Assessment: Interview with Dr. Kristin Shingler

Episode 4 of the ID Corner podcast. Interview with Dr. Kristin Shingler about her project-based approach to assessment.

IDC03 - Taking Notes: Interview with Julie Haurykiewicz

I had the pleasure to sit down with Julie Haurykiewicz, an Associate Dean of Academic Success in the Center for Academic Success, or CAS, at Lawrence University. Due t...

IDC02 Book Review: A Guide to Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom

Today I am going to review a book titled, “A Guide to Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom: History, Research, and Practice” by Paul Baepler, J.D. Walker, D. Chri...

IDC01-Peer Assessment

In this episode I will share my findings about the benefits, and challenges associated with peer assessment or PA. I will conclude with some strategies that instructor...

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